Portable Gait Analysis Device
                   A Revolutionary Advance in Portable Gait Analysis by MiniSun- the World Leader in Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure
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The Worlds First "Anytime, Anywhere" Gait Analysis System

Portable Gait Analysis and Functions in Free-Living Conditions

Eliminate the need for expensive labs, bulky equipment, costly trainings. Even better: no space needed.

Affordable for any Lab or Clinic

The IDEEA LifeGait portable gait analysis device costs only tiny fraction of traditional gait analysis methods.

Instant Results of Gait & Functional Analysis (35+ Parameters) with High Accuracy

With latest sensor & wireless technologies and extremely sophisticated algorithms, the IDEEA LifeGait can perform portable gait analysis on any patient, of most activities in their daily living, every second, every step, with highly reliable and accurate results. It performs portable functional analysis and posture analysis as well.

Unprecedented Ease of Use

Automatic identification and calculation of quantitative gait parameters.

LifeGait can detect/measure walking, running and all kinds of locomotions Portable gait lab-an advancement in biomechanics

The IDEEA® LifeGaitTM System -- gait analysis, activities of daily living & energy expenditure

MiniSun introduced a new IDEEA Physical Activity Monitor (gait analysis, activities of daily living & energy expenditure)  that is critical for portable gait analysis, rehab, functional analysis, effect of treatment, and behavior analysis.

The revolutionary LifeGait System -- a portable gait lab -- is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Wearable by the patient, the entire activities of daily living (ADL), functions and quality of life can be studied in great details and unprecedented accuracy!

Using IDEEA LifeGait, portable gait analysis can be done in virtually any environment. Data can be recorded under natural work or living conditions, allowing for objective, quantitative and accurate evaluations.

Supported by multiple grants from National Institute (NIH) of Health, the LifeGait System is the result of 15 years dedicated R&D, in conjunctions with numerous clinicians. According to the NIH reviewer, "a tremendous amount of (physical activity) information can be obtained with a minimally invasive device using extremely sophisticated technology."

LifeGait detects more than 40 types of physical activity (e.g., sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, sleeping) and postures with 98.7% accuracy, records type, amount and intensity of body motion, provides 35 types of gait parameters (single limb support, step length, velocity, initial swing...), performs behavior analysis and physical activity assessment, and plays back in "movies" activities of daily living (ADL) in time spans of seconds to days. The software provides details on type, duration, frequency and intensity of physical activity, measures functional capacity, ECG, endurance, and energy expenditure with 97% accuracy. It also shows in-depth analysis of body motion, speed, distance, power and work in curves, charts, and tables, anytime, anywhere.

"This device is what researchers have been waiting for in decades. Truly astounding!" said Dr. Kuan Zhang of New York Obesity Research Center, Columbia University, after he completed a clinical study validating the IDEEA. There have been 20+ peer-reviewed publications from Harvard University, Columbia University, UCLA, Stanford University etc. validating the LifeGait System, with highly positive comments.

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