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Mobility is a fundamental part of human life. Automation and modernization in the past 30-50 years has dramatically reduced the amount of activities of daily living (ADL), and completely changed our life style and work environment. Sudden changes in physical activity (ADL)can lead to body imbalance (e.g., energy imbalance) and diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular dysfunction, and diabetes.  

IDEEA® - a portable gait analysis system and physical activity (ADL) monitor is perfect for measuring activities of daily living (ADL) such as household work, yard work, walking, jogging, and other aerobic exercises, and for quantifying sedentary lifestyle such as home, office, school environment. The distance traveled, the speed, related EE, the time period a person is sitting, standing, reclining, or sleeping, can all be measured, whether he/she is at work, home, or during exercise or transportation. Since there is no need for individual calibration, one set of device can be used for multiple patients during different days.



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  • Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and Activity 1 IDEEA LifeGait 2 Posture and Activity Analyzer 3 HR/ECG, EMG 4 Joint Angle, Foot Pressure, Angular Velocity 5 Customized Metabolic Chamber (Room Calorimeter) 6 Customized Sensor 6


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