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The IDEEA® system -- a portable gait analysis system and physical activity (ADL) monitor records hundreds millions data points of daily activities, postures, and exercises on 24-hr basis, analyzes these data with high intelligence, detailed to every second, every move you made, or every step you walked.  The ActView (GaitView)TM program allows you to manage these data and view them in the form of charts, tables, curves, or ”°movie-like”± animation. Quantitative and accurate results can be obtained with just a few key strokes/clicks, either on a display, a printer, or using the GaitReport.xlsm -- an ExcelTM program we created for you.

IDEEA®3 has a Main Recorder, which connects with SubRecorders and limb sensors wirelessly, using extremely reliable (error rate< 0.00001%) technology. It sends all detailed recordings to a PC using very fast USB upload.


The system is so small that you can do basically anything while wearing it. Sensors are also extremely small so that you feel almost nothing during daily work or exercise such as walking, running, sitting and sleeping.



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ActView (GaitView)TM  is a Windows program that shows you final results as well as raw data.  These include postures, activity, exercise, and detailed gait and function analysis in the form of pie chart, histograms, tables and statistical analysis. You can review any activity of interest at any moment, detailed to every step of walking or running, every second during office hour or sleep, or you can review the summary of any type of activities, ranging from a few minutes to multiple days. It also can play back the animation of activities, displaying the type, amount, duration, and intensity of activities and related energy expenditure in the form of curves, strip charts, and statistical data. Results of any time period during recording can be displayed, analyzed, and printed out within seconds, with the click of a few buttons.

 Posture Analysis 

Activity and Gait Analysis

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