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Rehabilitation:  Objective and accurate evaluation of gait, function, balance, and quality of life before, during, and after treatment. Provide patient-specific guidance for intervention.
Neuromuscular dysfunctions:  Associating symptoms with underline mechanisms; isolating and localizing dysfunctional components (anatomical, structural, and spatial-temporal).  
• Pre- and post-surgical outcome of hip, knee and ankle surgery 
• Workers Compensation Evaluation (Distinguish between genuine and fraudulent impairment) 
• Balance Assessment and Fall Risk in the patients natural living environment 
• Measurement of post-trauma impairment 

• Assessment and monitoring of chronic disease progression 

We can provide you the data of patient pre- and post-operation.

1)    A patient with left TKA: Male, 67yr, 162cm,166lb.
Before operation: abnormal at left side  3 months after operation: symmetry at both sides

2)    A patient with right THA: Female, 65yr, 165cm,144lb.
Before operation: abnormal at right side 3 months after operation: symmetry at both sides
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