Research and Grant Application
  As the Principal Investigator, Dr. Sun and his team have conducted multiple clinical studies sponsored by NIH, including RO1, Center Grant, and industry-sponsored studies in quantifying activities of daily living (ADL), monitoring behavior, and measuring energy expenditure. In a recent review of MiniSun's grant proposal that has been awarded by NIH, a reviewer from Center for Scientific Review Panel states: ^The proposal is extremely well written. ̄  

MiniSun can assist researchers throughout their research, publication, and grant application cycle, including:

Assist in the composition of grant application and publication, providing hands-on assistance in background,methods, preliminary results, and experiment design. 

Collect, analyze, and archive data through the Internet. Communication is encrypted and data is secured, following new HIPAA rules. 

Provide reports of analyzed results to researchers and medical professionals, based on the knowledge established over the years and the large pool of collected data through research and clinical use of IDEEA®

Provide quantitative evaluation of the type, amount and intensity of activities of daily living (ADL), assessment of behavior patterns, and energy expenditure estimates, offering comparison of these tests with other studies. 

Provide a chronological comparison of data before, during, and after the progress of a disease or a treatment, utilizing the archived results from previous recordings. 

Please do not hesitate to contact uswith any questions or concerns you may have regarding your grant application.


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