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If the IDEEA® packages do not meet your needs, MiniSun will be happy to discuss custom solutions to accommodate your requirements.

We  have several novel solutions for portable gait analysis, including a walkway for precise measurement of spatial-temporal parameters.

A full range of optional components can be added to IDEEA® LifeGaitTM system to record simultaneously Joint Angle(Angle), EMG, Foot Pressure(FSR), Angular Velocity(ROT), ECG, heart rate(HR), etc.

All these components are very small in size. Together with IDEEA® LifeGaitTM system, they enable 24-hour analysis of gait and posture. It is a true ¡®Anytime, Anywhere¡¯ system for gait analysis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to determine how we may assist you. . You may also to visit our message boardto ask specific question.

  • Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and Activity 1 IDEEA LifeGait 2 Posture and Activity Analyzer 3 HR/ECG, EMG 4 Joint Angle, Foot Pressure, Angular Velocity 5 Customized Metabolic Chamber (Room Calorimeter) 6 Customized Sensor 6


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