Energy Expenditure Measurement
For years it has been possible to regulate the intake of Calories through diet, but it has never realistically been possible to calculate the amount of energy expended during activities of daily living (ADL) in real life. While many physical training devices such as exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills can give an approximate idea of energy expenditure while the subject is using the device, the measurement stops the second the person leaves the machine.

The IDEEA® system -- a portable activities of daily living (ADL) and gait analysis system can accurately measure energy expenditure, 24 hours a day -- during exercise or during rest, at home or in the office. The calculations are tailored to the individuals using the device and have been clinically proven to be highly accurate.

When energy expenditure measurements can be correlated with the actual activity of the subject and even against the heart rate during each activity, a complete picture of a person¡¯s fitness can be established.  

Partial output of IDEEA® for Energy Expenditure Measurement¡¡

With clinically proven accuracy over 96%, IDEEA® system makes daily energy expenditure mesurement becomes a true reality.


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