Physical Activity (Activities Of Daily Living)
The IDEEA® system -- a portable gait analysis system and physical activity (ADL) monitor, can quantify and measure activities of daily living (ADL) and exercises in real-world situations, without the need for cumbersome equipment and extensive training. Using the latest technology in a package smaller than the palm of your hand, activities of daily living (ADL) can be continuously recorded automatically for several days.

The powerful software ActView allows you to replay the recorded activities, effectively giving you a "window" into the activities of the subject. You can easily identify different activates and quantify them into activity type, duration, frequency, and intensity on 24- hour basis. You can also measure the speed, power and energy expenditure, and perform gait analysis of these activities (ADL) with accuracy higher than 96%. 

Detects over 40 different physical activities and postures automatically


Powerful software allows you to analyze each activity in detail (data from real subjects):

Energy Expenditure             Power           Speed              Frequency        Activity of Daily Living (ADL)




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